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Following a reply I received from support for a query earlier in the year, It would be great to be able to see a view of the Evolve and Bloom Roadmaps. I understand that this would be a fluid list that would enable visibility of all the suggested features and those instigated by @appitierre, it would also be great to be able to vote on this list so where possible user demand has some effect in the order of the roadmap?

Great new functionality in 4.12 guys thanks but a couple of things i think would speed things up for users even further:

  1. EDIT TITLES IN PLACE Wherever titles are on a page builder, have them clickable and they turn into a text box so you can edit them in place, ala Moodle section headings, if you know what i mean? This is also pretty darn slick but maybe further work required for this?!! The Preview Editor - YouTube

  2. LINK TITLE AND DISPLAY TITLE Have a “link to title” option for the display title - so if I type something into the A/B/C title then it is replicated in the display title so I don’t have to retype it or copy and paste. If I deselect the “link to display title” option then i can type something new in (ala Adapt builder). Or even better the A/B/C title is always replicated in the display title if the display title is currently blank, and then one can choose just to amend or delete the display title as desired.

  3. SPACING ON PAGE BUILDER Maybe a bit picky but tighten up the top and bottom spacing around A/B/C buttons and options? See attached. I’m sure there’s a reason it’s like this but I found it makes the pages REALLY long if I have a lot of blocks :slight_smile:

  4. DOUBLE CLICK TO EDIT Ability to double click on whitespace around the inside of an A B or C area to go into edit mode for it. I’ve lost track of the number of times I have done this to try and edit a component rather than go and click on the edit icon :slight_smile:

  5. SHOW IN LIVE PREVIEW LAUNCHES TOO If I don’t have a live preview window open already, is it possible that the eye icon can launch one itself, then take me to the correct A B or C that I have selected?

I may think of more :slight_smile:

I have some suggestions about Capture too but I’ll wait til I’m contacted about that in your seperate study.

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Thanks @hbailey, I have passed these to the team for consideration.

Can I add a “me too” for this continue / scroll to function, its a feature I love in adapt to focus the user on the task / content - would love to see this in evolve

I don’t know how easy it could be to add a function to the Action Button to scroll to an article block?

Thanks :slight_smile:


@James_Yorke for info - we’ve got this as a ticket for consideration.

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I thought of another option to speed things up - have a button that when I type in feedback for correct, for example, i can apply it to all (incorrect etc) as I often used the same info text in every box, and just use global feedback to vary the “well done!” or “sorry that’s not right” etc.

If I had to choose where to focus the efforts of the developing team of Evolve, I would prefer them to focus on new funcionalities (improve the final product we develop) than on improving the usability (which only affects the elearning creator, but not the client). E.g.: regarding the Capture component, I’ll prefer you improve the hotspot effect, and add the posibility of including icons/images on the buttons, instead of improving the layout of the component for us (the elearning developers).

One more thing: the reviewer role is a great feature, but the clients (at least my clients) don’t want to create an account, having to remember the url and password, etc. They do it when they have to review a lot of courses (eg. a person from HR), but they don’t when they are a subject matter expert that only needs to review one course.

It would be great to have the possibility of just letting them review a course by inserting their email (of course, there are some considerations regarding security…)


Please could ‘Themes’ appear as an option in the top bar alongside Dashboard, Courses, Assets and Reviews rather than having to edit a course and then go to appearance.

This would be useful for creating and adapting theme templates.

I find course settings to be confusing. If you are on course overview and go to ‘edit course settings’ it brings up 12 options. However if you are editing a course and then go to settings from the the page builder view (2nd menu row) it brings up 7 different options.

Could these not all be in one place??

Please can ‘Build page’ be renamed to Edit page to make it more obvious/intuitive.

See also: could the ‘Paste’ function be renamed to ‘Copy’ or ‘Duplicate’?

This would be really beneficial for new users and people like myself who are easily confused!

On several occasions have felt like a Polling component would be great - to gather learner’s votes on an issue or their preferred ranking of a list of items (would need to be able to be accessed by teachers).

Hello @enem - have you tried the Survey component?

I would love to see more options for the xAPI output.

  1. When a multiple choice question is answered, the learner’s selection is not captured in the statement, nor is the correct response. Getting that bit of information would fantastic.

  2. Opening up the other extension parts of the object with in the xAPI statement would be great, such as location, or, even going way out there and having the certificates encoded in base64 and attached to the xAPI statement on completion.

It does seen like there could be a module or tool to help in this customization and then extend the tincan.js file upon compiling to the published package. While this might be easier said than done, it would be awesome to have (and put Evolve leagues ahead of any other authoring tool).

Thank you for a great tool.


Thanks for these suggestions.

Our team is working on improving tracking and reporting with Bloom to start off with.

We’ll then be looking at how we might use that work to make improvements to Evolve with xAPI and possibly SCORM 2004.

We are aware a lot more could be tracked using xAPI and will be adding to the functionality as soon as we are able but at the moment don’t have a timetable for this.

That sounds great. I am glad that is being talked about about and looked into as time and resources allow.

So, might Bloom have more LRS-type features in the future, or better communication with the LRSs out there? Or are these questions for another topic?

A very simple one, but it would be great if we could put icons next to each item in the Resources page - either pre-set to denote if it’s a link or a document or whatever, or availability to set each resource to have it’s own icon.

I thought about having a different colour instead but maybe that’s not good for accessibility… perhaps use both to be sure?

No response to any of my suggestions made 2 months ago? :frowning:

Thanks @rbhartshorne we’re aware this a little confusing and are looking at ways this might be improved.

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I have passed this to the dev team for consideration.

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@Sam_Burrough @hbailey Coming out in the next day or so… Evolve Release 5 1 - YouTube

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