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@Sam_Burrough - I wholeheartedly agree with all of these and think that this is a priority really for Evolve to address.

We’ve a number of improvements to Assessments ready for Evolve 4.9. Thank you for your suggestions.

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It just keeps getting better! There is no limit to the awesomeness.


A couple more refinements I would suggest:

  1. Allow the asset picker to be sorted by how you want by default. I find I’m always sorting it by recent especially when filling in the mobile image - I usually pick the same one I just loaded in.
  2. In Capture - allow floating textboxes that stay on the screen so you can point out features or give several different instructions on one screen.
  3. Also in Capture - when you click on Screen Builder in the left menu - just open the screen builder rather than having another button that says open the builder?
  4. In Table - allow multiple lines in the cells, and bullet points etc (pasting a table into a text component allow for much nicer and more useful tables as it stands!)
  5. Allow more than 4 flipcards or Hints per row. I use a lot of codes in my work which can be broken down into parts - and it would be great to have a row of hints or row of small flipcards to play with. 6 is what I would need!
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@nick This feature is now in Evolve & Bloom LMS as Integration Publish.

Take a look at our short intro video on using it.

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That’s great, it works really well and saves a load of time and bandwidth.


Is it possible to have a little sound clip added to the dialogue items as they appear on the screen?

it might be cool at some point to allow designers to change the content that makes up a page on mobile devices too (e.g. there might be cases where you want to make the most of the screen space available on desktop and design accordingly, but also having a more simplified form of the content on mobile screens)

Just a small practical one… When adding a picture from the assets, i mostly use the ones most recently uploaded. So every time, i have to choose this sorting option in the dropdown menu. Would it be possible evolve ‘reminds’ my preference?

I see this one is posted few months ago already by other user. Yes, i would like that too👍


Having used Evolve for a while now I wondered if it would be possible to implement some method of organising the courses in the Dashboard?

@nick Go to Account Settings > Preferences > Courses and you can change the sort order, or maybe you’re thinking more like grouping them into folders or such? That would be useful :slight_smile:

thanks @hbailey I did mean sort into directories/folders, would make it easier to organise different user groups with different course requirements? Create bundles of courses etc. As a user of Bloom as well I suppose it would be useful if it could have some relevance to the structure in Bloom, subjects/trails/courses/topics etc.

Hi @nick you can use folders and tagging in Evolve.

If you tag courses you can use this to order them into folders. I’ve popped a couple of screenshots below. Hope this helps:


Two features I’d like to have in Evolve:

  • A “continue” feature; a button that prevents scrolling until you click it.
    That way, you can focus the participant in the component, and don’t show them what’s next.
    We have the “lock” feature, but it doesn’t prevent you from scrolling and seeing the components that are blocked.

  • A matching component where you can conect one phrase / word with another (instead if selecting them from a drop-down list)

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Thanks for that, yes that does serve the same purpose, I had seen it a long time ago and forgotten it.

I think it’d be great if the question bank ‘groups’ could be collapsible. I have two question banks total 40+ questions. If I want to edit question number 39 I have to scroll all the way down. On returning to the bank main Im back at the top of the list meaning if I want to edit question 40 I have to scroll all the way down again.

Request: more actions for the “ACTION” component.
E.g., the option to scroll to the next component (it would work as a “continue” component).
Check this course, for example:

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I have passed this to the development team for consideration.