Content Locking Extension

Hello, I’m currently building a course where we would like to have the learner complete knowledge checks (MCQ etc…). I’d like to set it up so that the learner cannot move to the next question until they complete the current question. I read through this thread:

I enabled the content locking extension and then tried to apply it for the article. I set Components as Locking Type and then under Show Components selected the 4 components that require completion. When I preview noting shows up other that the article is locked dialog.

My questions are:
I currently have all the MCQs in a single article. Do I need to have them as separate articles for this to work?
Do I have to use logic for this? I was hoping there might be an easier way. Any and all help is greratly appreciated!

I’m no pro, but it will definitly work if you set a separate article for each question.
Article 1 containing question 1 doesn’t need any content locking - you want that to be visible once the learner starts the course.
Article 2 containing question 2 will need content locking. The necessary component to unlock it will be question 1 etc.