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I am setting up a series of MCQs whereby I’d like to show 1 question at a time. I’m aware I could do this with branching but it was getting unwieldy so I thought I would try the Content Locking extension. However, the how to video is two years out of date and doesn’t explain how to restrict this to articles. (1 MCQ per article). Any advice?

If you navigate to the page that contains the article(s) you wish to lock and then to each Article that you wish to locks Settings area you will find Content Locking @rbhartshorne

This will let you choose how content locks.

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Hi there - I have a client request to lock “Topics” until previous topics are complete. Can Evolve do that?

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Hi and Happy New Year!

Yes this can be done - You need to go to Extensions > Content Locking and turn this on.

Next go to your Topic and Edit Topic, and you will see a Content Locking item in the menu. In there you can set what needs to be completed before this topic is made available/unlocked.

Hope that helps!

Happy New Year (I hope) Helen! And thanks again for your continued support :slight_smile: Hope you had a nice Christmas too. On that “support” :slight_smile: do you know if you are able to HIDE the topics until previous topics are complete.? If not the Locked content should be ok. Just thought I’d ask.

Thanks again!! :slight_smile:

I am hoping we all have a good year no matter what our situations! I had a lovely restful and enjoyable Christmas thank you. Hope you enjoyed it too.

You can hide PAGES and use with logic so that when a certain item (component/other page etc) is complete, the page is then shown. But this is not currently possible with TOPICS.

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Marvellous thanks… “Logic?” What’s that? :slight_smile: :wink: I’m a designer, I do not possess such magic… :wink:

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Logic is a sort of “if this, then that” approach to displaying items and making things happen within the course - more on Logic can be found at Complete Guide to Logic – Appitierre (

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Hi Helen - Hope you are well. I have now started on the client project!!.. and I’m setting up the menu screen (with all the topics). It’s massive this course, probably not sensible to start my journey with Evolve on an 12 topic course with about 65 pages in it… *eek!

Do you know how I can add just a single page to come BEFORE this topic menu? Is that even possible? Like a Welcome screen. I have all the topics with titles set up. But when I try to add just a single page before the topic menu, it adds it to the topic menu page.

Thanks (sorry to bug you again :slight_smile: )

Hey Doug - sorry for the delay in replying.

There’s no way to drop a page in but you can do a popup screen with text using Video Intro and just not add a video. I added Video Intro from Course Extensions menu, then added the text I wanted into the transcript text, and that then appears with a close button before I get to the menu. Is that any good for what you need?

Otherwise you may have to use your LMS to present the information you want before launching into the course…

Hi Helen - thanks for replying… you are a busy girl… you help everyone out… you need an OBE!

It might be an option. Someone suggested using a header… but I was thinking more along the lines of an actual screen like a welcome page with graphics etc… (being an arty type that I am). I’ll see how I go… I’m kind of in the deep with this tool I have to say… there’s something to be said about having access to css… instead of panels and buttons and fields controlling the css… I find it a little too “needle in a haystack” way of working. Currently having trouble just styling a text narrative component… just finding the right property is a nightmare! :wink:

Anyway better get back to it… I have 60 pages to do in 11 topics by Friday… #NotGoingToHappenAtThisRate

Thanks for your help


Hello! Is it possible to unlock content when the video transcript button is played? At the moment, I have the next content set to unlock when the user plays the video. But what if they don’t play the video and use the transcript instead? I can’t seem to find an option to unlock the content when the user only views the transcript and not the video.

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That’s a great question! I will do some digging for you.

One thought I had off the top of my head would be to put your transcript into a one-item Accordion, and have that just below the video, labelled “Transcription”.

Then you can use completion of the Accordion to trigger the content unlock.

Hi again!

Just to update - there is a ticket in our workflow to address this specific issue so should hopefully be included in the next round of accessibility updates. For now the alternative above should address your needs I hope!

Hello! Thanks for getting back so quickly. About the accordion suggestion, I did try this. But when it comes to the content lock, I had the video component and the accordion content selected, so of course the content still only unlocked if both actions were complete rather than either the video or accordion. Is there a way around that? :slight_smile:

That is a very good point - we may be able to use Logic in that case.

I’ll see if I can quickly work out the best method for this, probably a button whereby you can click the button to show the transcript, and that marks the video as complete.

Be right back!

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@rbhartshorne, you can do this with Logic.

Have all the questions on the same page, all in separate Articles. Ensure you have a strong naming convention for them, e.g., we have thirty questions in this example and you can see the type of naming convention in the following screenshot:

Once you have them situated, set all of the Articles containing questions (MCQs), apart from the first one, to, “Hidden,” by enabling the toggle button next to the Article Style drop-down.

Go to the Logic workspace and click on the button to create a new Trigger. For this example, I named the Trigger, “Complete Question 1,” as this will be the Logic to hide Question 1 and show Question 2.

Please see the screenshot for the Event, Condition, and Actions:

The Event here is the first question being completed, which means it has had an answer submitted.

In the Condition, I have selected the Title for Question 1’s Component.

For the Actions, I have set Question 1’s Article to become Hidden 1,000 ms (one second) after it’s answer has been submitted, and for Question 2’s article to Show (become visible, or un-Hidden) after 1,000 ms (one second).

The only problem with this method is that you have to make as many Triggers as there are questions (Q2 to Q3, Q3 to Q4, etc.), but it should be quite robust.

You can even set the MCQs themselves to Auto Submit the Question to make this appear more seamless. That option is available within the MCQ Component Editor > Behaviour tab:

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Hello! Just to let you know that this has been addressed and will feature in a release soon!

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That’s great, thank you for your help!

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I have a question regarding content locking as well.

Using the same logic that @uniquenospacesshort explained, we are building a quiz where we want to only show the next question, after submitting the previous one. The user doesn’t have to get that question right in a first attempt, so he has multiple attempts to do so.

We have tried both the “lock article” options and the “hide article” + “trigger” option for this. However, since Evolve only considers a question component as “complete” if the answer is correct, if the user doesn’t get the answer right, he’ll be stuck with that question until he does. We wanted to give them the option to continue answering the questions.

We tried the trigger “Components started”, but in this case, the next question appears even if the user doesn’t submit the answer. This is not what we want.

We had already raised a ticket regarding how Evolve views a question component as “complete” - one of our courses wasn’t showing as complete in the LMS, simply because we had questions that had more than one attempt, so if the user got them wrong (they weren’t mandatory), the course wouldn’t be set as “complete”. We eventually used a different way to set the course completion, but it would be great if there was an option to choose how one question component is supposed to be complete or not. The option exists in the infographics or the media components, for example.

This said… Suggestions? How can we unlock/unhide the next question of a quiz even if the user submits a wrong answer?

Many thanks