The Adapt Trickle extension

Hello, a client is asking us to add the trickle extension to their courses but I don’t think Evolve has anything like this. The Content Locking extension will not work in this case, as the client wants component-by-component locking.

Would I be correct in saying that I will need to use logic to hide articles and use continue buttons that appear after a component is complete?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Barry,

Couldn’t find an example of how Trickle works, but would you not just be able to add multiple articles without article or body text and therefore all you see is components, then unlock the articles as you go using content locking?

You could also do it the way you said with logic revealing things as you complete the last.

Also depending on the content maybe even use the branching component? Need to know more about the use case for this.

Thanks Helen.

Basically, the client does not want the learner to be able to scroll past an article without interacting with the components on the way down.

I’ll have a look at Content Locking now, but in the past, I’ve only used that to lock entire topics.

Hold on, I think Content Locking will do the trick. I’ll come back to you on this one.