Hidden articles tracking in progress bar

Hi -

I have a course that allows the learner to hide some content at the article level using buttons and logic. The content items they can choose to hide are scenarios that some learners may find sensitive or triggering. This part works well with the learner having the option to hide or unhide the content based on their own experience.

The issue I’m facing is in the progress bar. If the learner choses to hide the content (impacting three different article components), the progress bar is still expecting the learner to complete the hidden components and will not display “completed”.

I have changed the progress tracking so it is controlled by “selected page components”, but can’t see where I can have it ignore the components (or mark as completed) when they are hidden. I could have it completely ignore the components that are being hidden/unhidden, but that seems a poor experience for learners choosing not to hide the content.

Thanks for any guidance !