Article/Block progress value

Was wondering is their a way to make an article not be part of the overall progress for the page? I’ve logics set to hide/show article.

Hi Potter_Li, you could use Course Attainment in Extensions rather than the general course completion? This allows you to select which blocks/components count towards completion.

Thanks for your response, what I’m trying to do is to disable 1 of the article progress so it doesn’t count towards my page progress for that section. i.e I got 3 articles in the page but 2 is hidden until certain criteria is met. I don’t don’t want the one that is visible by default count towards the progress. Does this make sense? The course attainment extensions won’t work for this instant.

I’ve find the solution. by default the page is set to complete with all component is visited/complete. I’ve now change that to “set in individual page” and then choose which component to include on each page.