Showing progress with hidden pages/articles

Hi community,

I’m currently working on a course that requires linear progression and hides a lot of articles and pages until the learner meets a certain requirement.
However, I’d still like to show the learner’s progression. I know Evolve offers several options like scroll progress, article/page indicator or the progress extension - however none of these options show the hidden articles, so it always looks like the learner has reached 100% completion until the next section is unlocked and shown.

Is there a way to set up progress in a way that hidden elements are included?

Hey :slight_smile:

Is the hidden content being revealed by something complex or just as a reward for completion of other elements?

When using Hidden content it is almost impossible to show accurate progress since the course length couldn’t be known in advance, depending on the actions the user takes.

Could you use content locking instead of Hiding? That way the progress would be accurate.


Helen’s suggestion is for sure the way to go. But as an alternative, it could be achieved using logic. Progress would be displayed by a series of hidden graphics, text boxes, or whatever fits your design. They’d be revealed and rehidden based on components being completed. You’d be manually building the progress so it could be very labour intensive, hence saying go with Helen’s suggestion.

Hi Helen,

thank you for you solution - I’ll stick with that and use content locking. I don’t know why I didn’t consider that solution before…:thinking:

Thank you!

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