Issue with Visibility Functioanality


We are developing an eLearning module that is designed in a way where we have one page (the main page) that has all the teach content. In addition to this, we have multiple other pages that have reference content that link back to the main page. We didn’t want the pages with the reference material to show up in the menu hence used the Visibility feature of pages within Evolve. We figured that if we were to use this feature, it would help us build the module the way we intended to.

The reference pages themselves use Evolve components for the content that is there and adding them as Additional Content would not help. So we linked components from the main page to components in the additional pages.

We ran into an issue where we hid the pages on the menu, however the links within a “visible” page stopped working to display the hidden page’s component or block.

We would love to still have this functionality working for us. Any solutions would be really helpful.

I’ve also attached a module map to this thread for your reference.

Hello @Anirudh the Visibility toggle is used when you want to keep an article but would like to be able to preview or publish the course without that article showing.

If Visibility is toggled off then the article won’t be present in your Live Preview or your published course.

We would suggest using the Links component (as I think you’ve done), perhaps in combination with the Search, Resources and Additional content extensions.

Don’t forget it’s also possible to hide the side navigation bar in your theme - this may help if you want more control over how your learner is navigating a course.

Hi @Matt_C similar to the request above from @Anirudh we are looking for a way to hide a page or topic tile from the course landing page (the page is still visible but not accessible from the landing page)