Linking question to component


My use case: I need to be able to map questions to course content to ensure the content was covered and if the content changes, I need to be notified that the content being changed will impact a course question.

  • I have to create questions for my course.
  • I have a requirement to map the question to the content of my course.
  • If the referenced source for the content changes, I’d like to be notified that the change may impact the related question.

Does Evolve have the capability to link questions created in one component to another component for mapping purposes?
Can I receive a notification when content changes in another component may impact the linked question?


Hey there,

That’s an interesting requirement - one I’ve not thought of before.

At this point no, you cannot do either of these things. There are ways to do it, but not as automatic as you request.

You could paste a link from any component by copying the URL of the component when you click to edit it - you could post this as the Title of the question component associated with it (the one not seen by the learner)

That way you could easily go to any question, copy the title and use the URL to locate the component you need.

Whilst it does not notify you, you can use the editing activity list to see what has been hanged in the course, by who, and when, at any time by using these settings:

Thank you for the quick follow-up. I will give your suggestions a try.

Do you think being able to link content within courses (as in this use case) is worthy of a feature request? I can envision options in Evolve when creating a question where you can select a linked article/block/component and an option to notify you (pop-up window) letting you know that you’re changing an article/block/component that is mapped to a question.

Thanks again!

It certainly would be a good one to pop into the request board, yes, to see if others would be interested in such a feature. With AI going the way it is, who knows what we may see in the future!