Reflective questions - what component would you use?

Hi all,

There is no text input component in Evolve (I don’t believe). I’m looking for an interesting way to ask the learner a reflective question, rather than just text and graphic.

Any thoughts welcome!

Hello and welcome, @Watersedge1

We have not one but TWO text input components in Evolve!

Check out Text Input and Open Input

oh wow, great. I didn’t realise! Thanks so much.

Could you please direct me to a full list of Evolve components? I’m obviously missing a trick.

Also - sorry to be demanding! - are there course examples anywhere so I can see how both text and open input could look in practice? Thank you

Hi again!

So inside Evolve, in the Help menu, just pop to the Evolve Hub for all your Evolve needs - there’s the Knowledge Base (which has a full guide to Components), a Components guide in the Documents section, plus examples, tips and tricks guides and past webinars.

If you look at the Accessibility webinar, there are two example courses on that page - one of which contains examples of all components (that are fully accessible), so you will find inputs in there. The “Experiential Learning” course also has inputs I believe.

Those pages I linked to may well have examples too, or others in this community may be able to share.