Component - text and grapic

Hi Everyone, I am new to Evolve and this might be a very beginner question but I would really welcome your insight. I plan to use Evolve to create content for individuals with disabilities and autism. I am looking to place a component into the course that consists of an image and then a space beside the image for the person to type in information eg; an image for date of birth and then a space beside it they can type that information in. Any ideas or suggestions? Thank you in advance much appreciated

Hi Melanie and welcome to your Evolve journey! We’re here to help.

You could use a graphic component for the image and then an Open input component for the text box if you just want it to be a reflective interaction, or the Text Input component if you want to be able to have it marked.

I hope that helps!


Thank you so much and thanks for the fast response! That is great I work on that
Thanks again

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