What components do we have and what can they do

For the latest components, descriptions and examples, see the Component Guide under Resources on the Evolve Hub.

Hi there, does a component exist for call-outs?
I’ve seen it in a sample course but doesn’t seem to be listed. Maybe there’s an add-on or something?
Really enjoying Evolve, complete newbie.

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Hi and welcome to the community and to Evolve! We love it when a newbie arrives and even better if they are enjoying Evolve! We’re here to help and support you.

I had to Google Call-Out but I am guessing you mean an image with some text over it? If so there are a few ways. This can be done at the top of a page using Hero images, with text over them. Further down a page you can use the Text and Graphic component to add an image and then select the option to Add Text over graphic. This can then be full or half-width and you can have multiples in one component.

Let me know if that helps, or if you have a specific example you want to replicate then pop us a screenshot and we can advise!

Thanks so much for the lightning quick response! Here’s an example of the callout that I’ve seen. Basically like a “did you know” or “important item” component/block.
It could simply be a graphic but the course is all about the different evolve components and specifically mentions “call outs”.

Gotcha! Yes - so in that example I think they have just used a text and graphic component with an Article Style applied to that article in the theme, giving it that different background and font style to the rest of the articles.

Let me know if you need further help with that!

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Thanks for that Helen, again great to have such quick responses.

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