Non-typical use of components - any creative examples?

Hey! Have you used a Component in a non-typical way, i.e changed some settings or customised it in a way that makes it function or appear differently to what you’d expect?

Have you found a clever way to present something differently? I’d love to hear about it and hopefully see images too, if it’s something you’re able to share!

Let’s see your creativity!

At times, I use the simulation component to create interactions that have a customized design and layout. The need for a customized layout often stems from the need to present the content in a certain way. Here are two screenshots depicting one such interaction.


Hi Helen,

We’ve just created a course that uses a box menu to write to variables customising the content. My guess is that’s fairly non-typical use of a box menu.

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Our team regularly uses the Flowchart component with a single item as a nice callout note box.

Not as off book, but I’ll sometimes use the Branching component as a way to present optional information for learners to choose what they need based on their products/environment.


I created a clipboard that can have any component placed in it, in this case a media grid. I added background colours and rounded edges to the article content and component, then added the metal part as a “divider before” background image. I then added a negative margins (i believe -60 or so) to the bottom of the divider to make it overlap


Brilliant, Lauryn, love it!

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