Developing a Simulation

I’m just starting looking at developing a Simulations component but it’s a bit daunting. I have seen the functionality I need in one of the Evolve Simulation Demos ( )
but it’s a front end only demo. Is there any way I can get to see the back-end to better understand how to build the component. (Its the ‘Rearranging your Office’ demo I’m particularly interested in)?.

Many thanks


Give me two minutes and the file will be available for you…!

Here you go - download from - Google Drive

Import instructions can be found at Import or Export an Evolve Course : Intellum

Let me know if you have any issues.

That’s brilliant Helen, thanks so much.

All uploaded. I’m sure I’ll have questions along the way but it’s good to have an example to work with.


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Hi Helen

A few weeks ago you sent me the bask-end for the Simulation demo. I have used this as a template to create a similar interaction but am struggling with some of the logic. I cannot seem to control the appearance of the correct/incorrect response icons. If a learner selects all correct answers then all green ticks appear. If they include a wrong answer along with their correct answers then only a red cross appears but no tick.

Any thoughts?

Could you copy the simulation to a new course, export for offline and send me the zip? So much easier if we can investigate the logic visually :slight_smile: