Game component help please!

Hi all,

Is there a way to create a game when the learner answers a question correctly, she earns a star. If she gets it wrong, the opponent gets a star. I’ve tried the game component but I couldn’t figure it out. Any ideas, maybe some logic triggers? If using logic, that will be a lot of show/hide triggers for the star-up graphics.

Can someone help me please? Thank you.

It would be super easy to make a sim do this!

@Dakota_Tevis Curious about this. The game component provides a way to create editable questions, along with the gamification features. With a sim, you’d have to use screens and multiple objects for your questions? How would you manage the questions and responses?

Really depends on what exactly they would like to happen within the “game!” How much do they want to pull out of the LMS on the back end, what the actual intended interaction is - You could absolutely do something cool with the multiplayer component, but you can make the simulation do exactly what you want with regard to the stars, and it can track “correctness”

Turn on multiplayer in the game component, make sure you’ve some characters and set at least 1 character to “Is AI character” to have them compete. Here’s a quick example:

Thank you, Andy. Yes, I had tried that. One of the characters was an AI. When the learner answered the question correctly, both characters earned the score, which was not the behavior I wanted.

Thanks for the suggestion. With simulation, it could be complicated and time consuming; not really “super easy”. LOL! For example, with only three questions, you would have to create at least 10 screens.