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As this community helped me a lot, I would like to ask a general question based on your experience.
I am looking to develop an advanced course on specific actions in an internal system, and I want the learners to practice in the system. Do you have any ideas on how to use Evolve for this type of assignment? There will be “show me” videos and checklists (currently the practice mode inside the system doesn’t work well) , but I wonder if I am missing a component or an option I can use.
Any best practices?

Have you tried the Simulation component?

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I was going to suggest this as well. Using the Simulation component has been very effective for technical training courses.


Can you share an example from your course?
How did you use it?

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Hi @Shoval_Shirom - if you go to the Courses page, click the arrow by Create Course, then select create from template, at the bottom of the list is a Simulation template that has a basic example - this might be a good first step to see how it works.

Hey @Sam_Cook_Evolve_QA ,
Thank you I will try this option!

Hi Shoval,

Just want to make sure you are aware of the Evolve Hub and the Evolve Knowledge Base (both links can be found inside Evolve also)

There are lots of examples, downloads, and help in these areas that will answer the questions you are having.

Hope that helps!