Simulations and feedbacks

Hey, so I’m having trouble getting the correct/incorrect feedback to show up in my sim. I’ve already searched through this page on the topic to no avail. I’m including the following data below in case I have not toggled something correctly and just can’t see it. Does anyone have any suggestions for what I could be missing?

“Screen Marking”
Marking Enabled? Enable Marking
Mark Selected Elements? Mark Selected Elements
Select Marked Elements? Button - X Button - Y
Show Correct Feedback? Show Correct Feedback
Show Not Final Incorrect Feedback? Show Not Final Incorrect
Show Final Incorrect Feedback? Disabled
Show Element Marking? Show Element Marking
Show Marking On? Interacted Elements

Button- X
Visibility- Visible
Set as Hotspot- Set As Hotspot
Button State- Set as Enabled
Button Correct Condition - Should Not Be Clicked

Hi @Alicia_Lynn_Carlson if you would like to DM me a link to your course I can take a look and see if i can figure it out.