Simulation - working with buttons/hotspots

Hi all. I am new to Evolve and trying to build a pretty simple simulation. However, I’m used to Storyline, and I’m finding Evolve pretty complex by comparison. I would like to ask how I go about setting up the following…

I have a screen, and I’ve added a button element around an on-screen command. Obviously, if the learner clicks that button/command, they are “correct”. So far so good.

However, I want to set it up so that a click anywhere else on screen, except the button/hotspot, equates to an “incorrect” answer. Is this possible? And if so, how? Do I need to create a second hotspot that covers the entire screen, and somehow layer that behind the correct button? Or is this to do with variables? Hope someone can take a pity on me and help! Thanks

Hi Tim, what you can do is create a second button that’s set as a hotspot (eg invisible) and covers the whole screen. Just make sure your correct item sits on top of it (you can drag and rearrange the hierarchy of the elements by clicking the elements button on the screen tool bar, as per the screenshot)

Thank you Sam, that’s very helpful. Do you, or anyone else, know of a good tutorial video that covers Simulations in detail? I am playing around with it but really struggling to get anywhere to be honest.

there’s this resource (linked to in the component) which provides a good overview (a little way down the page): Advanced Features : Intellum

also if you select Create Course > Create Course from Template you will see there’s a template called Simulation you can open. I think seeing how things are set up in an Existing simulation helps

Thanks Sam. I did already have that article on Advanced Features but I’ve found it very complicated and I got stuck working through how variables/conditions/triggers work. So I was hoping someone may have recorded a video tutorial that goes through it and demonstrates how they work. In the meantime I’ll do as you suggest and load a template, to see if I can figure out how it works in the back end. Thanks again for the advice.