Hot point image based multiple choice quiz

Hi Evolve!

I would like to build a hot point image based multiple choice quiz, where areas on the image can be set to clickable/selectable and when clicked it will represent either a correct answers or incorrect.

e.g. Would be a static image of website page. On this page some areas would be clickable/selectable for user - e.g. NavBar, Url, Image, text, CTA button. Some of these areas will be set to represent a correct answer ( e.g. url and CTA button ) and some incorrect ( e.g. NavBar, Image and Text ). A final result of answer should behave as multiple choice quiz question.

Was wondering if this is feasible to build in Evolve and what would be the approach?

Hello Igor!

What a great idea! This is absolutely possible in Evolve - you should check out the Simulation or Infographic components:

Simulation has a little more complexity to it and will allow you to assess the user so I would recommend that for your use case.

Simulation Example:
Simulation help:

Infographic example:

Infographic help: