Help with MCQ: How to add an image to the question

This seems like such an easy item but I just cannot figure out the right way to do this.

I want to have an MCQ with text asking a question and display an image below the question. The question being asked is of course related to the picture I want to display. Then have the answer options available below.

I don’t want the Graphic Multiple Choice as that has a picture for each answer. I need them to read the question, review the image, then answer the question.

I have found that I can copy and paste an image into the text field and the image does display. However, at some point in time, that image disappears and leaves a broken link object on the MCQ. When I return to my questions in Evolve, the images are “broken”. If I publish, again the images will be there for a time, then at some point they are broken in the published version too.

This seems like such a basic thing that it should be easy to do. But I cannot seem to sort it out. Oh and this occurs on other question type objects as well, not just the MCQ.


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Hey Brett!

Two ways:

  1. Use a graphic image in the block above the question, or, if that doesn’t display as you like,
  2. Use the Branching component and set it up as a question in there.

Have you tried this setting?

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Hi Brett,
There is a function within the MCQ component to achieve what you are after.

If you enable to Question Graphic, you can upload a graphic to appear in between the question text and instruction text, so it would look something like this:

Hope I’ve understood what you were wanting and that this helps :slight_smile:


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Thanks to everyone that replied with the suggestion. I didn’t mention this because I didn’t think it would matter, but unfortunately, I am using the Question Banks extension and that “Graphic” option doesn’t exist there. Looks like all the effort I put into learning and setting up that extension was all for nothing. I’ll have to rebuild my assessment without the Question Banks. Shame they give us a neutered version of the MCQ.

But at the very least, I have a way forward and can stop banging my head against the wall.

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@b.allen it might be worth holding off on that for the moment… I think it’s just an oversight that this functionality isn’t available when creating MCQs in a Question Bank. I’ve had a quick look at the setup and I think it might be a relatively easy thing to add in…


This functionality has been added and will be in the next Evolve release.


Thanks to the Evolve team for adding this capability. I see it is now live.

Now, it would be nice to have a graphic capability for other “question” type objects (i.e., ordering, drag-and-drop, matching). As it is now, I add a Graphic object where I include the question text and then below that a new block with the question type object that doesn’t include graphics as an option. I’ve figured it out so it isn’t a problem for me. But it might help others sort it out. I like having the option to include a graphic in questions. I don’t use it on every question, but I do use it on most.

Thanks again!

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