Where is the option to add an mcq from question bank?

I created the questions in the question bank extension, but I cannot find the option to add a multiple choice question from question bank. Was this removed?

Hi Samantha,

Have you enabled the Question Bank extension by ticking it?
Did you create the questions as MCQs not GMCQS in the bank?

We’ve actually been able to replicate this so someone is looking into it for you now. Thanks for raising!

Hi @samantha

This is an odd one! Please disable the QB extension in your Extensions list, then re-enable (you won’t lose your questions). This should awaken the QB in the course and you will then see the option to use the QB in Behaviour for the MCQ:


That fixed it, thanks!


Excellent - this has been raised for checking by the developers too.


This error just happened to me also. Deselecting the extension and reselecting it fixed the issue. Just thought I’d let you know this bug is still alive.