*BUG - Multiple issues with Bank Questions and Question Feedback


I keep getting a problem with questions created in banks and the Question feedback.

In some cases, if you get a question incorrect and hit the “Show Answer” button it gives an answer from another question within the same bank. (note this doesn’t happen every time, just now and then).

Some times when you hit show answer everything goes blank and there are no answers visible at all.

And then in some cases no questions are even showing up.

I’ve also added a Question Feedback at the end of the article and this doesn’t seem to be picking up that I’ve answered any questions either.

Ive spent a number of hours doing multiple rebuilds on new pages, using different question banks questions and still the same issue. Interestingly though, previous quizzes Ive built before using question banks dont have this issue. It seems there’s no specific pattern to the issue.

Any ideas?

Hello @darkcurv I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with question banks. May I ask if you’ve contacted our support team regarding the issue please?

Thank you


Ah nope, sorry. I just dropped it in here without thinking about that, my mistake. I’ll send through a message to support now.

No problem at all @darkcurv - let them know your course name, Evolve instance and all the detail you’ve provided above and I’m sure they’ll be able to help you out.