Can I tailor feedback based on which question bank questions were failed?


I am creating an Assessment using 5 questions banks - one for each module of the course. There are 12 questions and a passmark of 80% required.

The client has asked if it is possible for the learner to receive tailored feedback depending on which questions they get wrong so they know which modules to refresh on before a resit.

Eg if they failed a question from Q Bank 3 they would see something like "Looks you you need to revisit Module 3 before trying again.

Also - could logic go a step further by tailoring feedback if questions from 2 different Question Banks were failed? Unsure if this is possible or would be quite messy on the back end!

Any help much appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks, Fiona

Without know your exact setup it’s hard to say for sure but I would have thought you could do this with Logic.