Issue with assessment retries not correctly working out the score

Hi, I am having an issue with a e-learning that I cannot seem to solve.

The e-learning allows for the assessment to be retried 2 times if you fail but I am getting reports from some of the users that if they fail once then retry and pass the learning does not mark them complete and shows for example 9/10 correct but a score of 70%. I have photos of this showing this result and therefore my LMS does not make them complete.

I have tried to recreate this issue myself and it works fine I am wondering if this is an issue anyone else has had or has any advice on how to find a solution.

Hey Joel, are you using question banks and/or the assessment extension?


That’s right I am using both the question bank and the assessment extension.

You might be running into the issue discussed here: Problem with MCQ Question Banks

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Thanks @Ruppers ! Yes @Joel in the first instance we would recommend enabling the local storage extension.

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Hi Sam thanks I have enabled this and have uploaded it to trail now to see if this solves the issue.


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