Course Assessment Retakes

I am using the Course Assessment extension and have it set to allow 1 retake if the pass mark is not met. However, when the user clicks “Retake Assessment”, the page loads with all of their previous answers and does not allow them to retake the test. I have tried both settings on the “Only Reset Incorrect Questions on Retake?” option in the Course Assessment behaviour area but neither have an effect.

Any ideas on how to resolve this please?

I would also like to make this a required element and not allow users to exit the course until they have passed, does anyone know if this is possible?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Janice,

A lot will depend on the settings you have in place for the assessment and the questions - I could take a look for you if you’re happy to email me with your evolve instance name and are happy for me to take a look at the course?

There’s nothing to stop the user closing the course before they have finished the assessment - you would have to be using an LMS where it restricts access to the ability to close the browser window or embed the course into a custom html environment where the typical close browser elements are not accessible. Is this for exam type conditions?

Hi Helen
thank you for your reply and kind offer.
I think the issue with re-takes showing completed questions was a cache issue and has been resolved.

I have also been advised to use the Course Setting > Behaviour > Select How your course should set a status and change to “when assessment complete” in order to show this course as formally completed only when the assessment has been done.

There is still of course nothing to stop a user closing the browser but we will tackle non-completers via reporting and follow ups. Although I do like your suggestion about embedding into a customer html environment which might work.

Appreciate your help.

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Cache has a lot to answer for doesn’t it!

Yes there are good options for not allowing a course to be completed in the LMS until you have finished the assessment, but for actually not allowing the user to leave the course is outside Evolve’s scope.