Completed course won't allow retakes


The course is marked as completed, the user can exit the course.
I have been told that the LMS settings are correct, yet the course cannot be re-taken.
Any ideas about what setting I am missing?

The course is completed using logic.
At the very end, the Save and complete button is included and the action button closes the SCORM session.


Could you explain a bit more about what you mean by ‘cannot be retaken’?

Hi Matt.

I hope you are well.
The course is marked as completed in the LMS.
The users are free to re-visit the course at any point.
When they try to access it again (after completion), the course window is visible but is blank and seems to be loading. Nothing happens.

I have not seen it myself and was not able to look at the Developers’ Console.

In this instance I think it’s something you’ll need to see for yourself and check the console to see what’s going wrong.

You might also try the course in SCORM Cloud to see how it performs there. If it works OK on there that points to something being wrong on the LMS side.

Yes, it is not the first time I tested a course in SCORM Cloud and it worked yet the same behavior was not observed in the LMS.

Thank you!