Courses won't update to 'Complete' state

hi all,

I keep experiencing the issue with completion of courses. For some reason, pages either get stuck at 95% or won’t mark as Complete. I have a few courses that consist of only one page and I set completion status as ‘View all pages’ but that doesn’t work. I also tried using Triggers but nothing works.

Has anyone experienced similar issues? I’m not even sure how to set the courses in such a way they are marked as complete. Any tips are much appreciated.

There are multiple ways to send the complete message to the LMS, so there’s no simple “do this…” answer. Our failsafe approach is to always test on Scormcloud before trying on the LMS to rule out one variable. Make sure the Attainment, Assessment (or both) extensions are enabled and set up correctly. Enable the “show completion dialog” so you can check completion in the review before moving over to LMS testing. Check the completion method in the course global settings. Publish Scorm 2004 with advanced tracking on if you are using any variables, triggers or logic.


Thanks Andy, I forgot about Scormcloud! Will ensure I use it going forward.

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Good advice @Andy_Moorman, I have sworn by (and sometimes at) SCORM cloud for years to trouble shoot tracking issues.

@iamelkina1 if it fails on SCORM cloud and you can’t figure it out, let me know and I can take a look.

thanks Sam,

that would be very helpful. I’ll check my course again this week and if I won’t find the solution I’ll let you know :slight_smile:

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Same happened to me and I would even turn off the “progress” button for specific components, but would still have the same issue.

The key for me was to make sure “Attainment” extension is enabled so that you can individually decide which components should and should not be included to show completion.