Course not completing


I am looking at a course where the - How Your Course Should Set A Status is set to Course Completion and the Page completion display method is set to Page Viewed but the course is not reporting course completion to the LMS when all pages have been viewed.

What could be the reason that this is happening?

Hi Beth,

So the second setting, completion display method, is about how the percentage on the menu items for each page are determined, not the completion of the pages themselves.


What the course is expecting in order to pass “I’m complete” to the LMS is whatever is set in the HYCSSAS setting which is “Course Completion” which means absolutely every component on each page has been interacted and “completed”. So every single click must have been made. See Publish Statuses for Evolve Courses : Intellum

If you’re just looking for the person to have “viewed each page” as their mark of completion, then you will either need to use Course Attainment extension to mark the pages as your form of completion, or use Logic Completion and choose the event condition that Pages viewed and the action to set course to complete, and all the pages in the condition part.

Also note in Live Preview if you open the clipboard icon you’ll see more stats about course completion and progress…


Hope that helps!


That is really helpful thank you!! I thought that was the case from the evolve information but because the drop down says page viewed and not items completed so I wasn’t 100% sure.

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