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Hi, I am building a course that starts with a radio button for the user to select their role (Manager vs non Manager) and have used logic to reveal relevant pages of content. The Manager option reveals 6 pages and when completed returns 100% to the LMS (Bloom). The non manager option reveals 5 pages however when these are completed only returns 74% completion to the LMS (my assumption is the last page is still be included even though the user can not see it).

Is there any way to manipulate the system to return a 100% completion for the non manager content?

Any help would be appreciated



Hi Steven! Welcome.

Could you DM me a link to your course so we can investigate? Thanks!


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I get it; there are six pages total and non-managers will only see five of them, with the sixth remaining hidden?

I would recommend going to Course Builder (Content tab top-left, underneath Dashboard tab) and selecting the Edit Course Settings button (top box in Course Builder view).

From here, you select Behaviour, and change the top option (Select How Your Course Should Set A Status) to Logic Completion.

Now that that is set up, you can add an Action Button Component at the bottom of the final page in the course and either add some body text, or simply include some text in the button itself, along the lines of, “Click here to complete the course.”

Then all you need to do is create a super simple Trigger in Logic, with the following properties:

  • Event: Action Button Clicked

  • Condition: Select the Action Button you created

  • Actions: 1. Set Course To Passed, 2. Set Course To Complete

There are other Actions you can select in addition to / instead of the above, such as Set Course Progress, or Set Course Score.

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@uniquenospacesshort thank you so much for taking the time to look at this and provide a possible solution.

I will try this and let you know how I get on. It was the behaviour that I didn’t change and I couldn’t understand why it was not working.



Hi Stephen,

The first solution from our side was:

In the course attainment section it is set to component completion - if you don’t include the components on the line manager page, both roles will return 100% completion. But you will then need to apply logic or another method to mark the manager page as complete.

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Thank you Helen,

That makes perfect sense, I will try this too to see which works best for me.


Further to the above, Steven:

To make Logic set completion in this case:
Set up two triggers with the Event set as Components Completed, and the action as Set course to complete.
One should include just the components on the line manager page, and the other the components on the non-line manager pages (to make it less laborious I would just use the interactive components and leave out the static text ones etc - (but they can all be included if needs be).
They should both have Match (under Condition) set to All.
Then change the completion setting to Logic completion and publish to Bloom. Each role will then set as complete (this has been tested).
The above method won’t generate a percentage score, but with the way the course is set up currently it wouldn’t generate the score anyway.

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@hbailey @uniquenospacesshort thank you both, your solutions worked!

Really appreciate your support with this.


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