How do I set Page Display Completion Method on Individual Pages

Hi there,

In the course behavior settings, there is the option for the Page Completion Display Method where you can set how the completion progress bar percentage for all Page menu items are calculated.

There is a setting allowing you to set this on all individual pages but I dont know where on the actual pages you can specify what is to be used and what isn’t.

Can anyone help?

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Of course!

So when you set the item in the course builder to “Set on individual pages” you need to then go into the page settings for each page.

Under “behaviour” in the page menu you will see :slight_smile:

Change that to “Select page components” to get a new button with a popup that allows you to select the components you want to count.

Tip: Make sure you name all your components with useful names or you might struggle :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I actually just found it a few minutes ago but I appreciate the help


Thanks for your help.

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Hello! Is there a way to set a notification message when a user completes a page? (Kinda like with content locking)

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Yes! Evolve has content locking. Make sure Content Locking is turned on in Extensions, and set your unlock message in the settings.

Then on the page after the one you want the message to appear on, go into the Page settings and select Content Locking in the menu. Turn on the locking and select how you want it to be unlocked. Leave the Disable notification option turned off.

Let me know if that works for you!