Page completion when learner has 2 different component options (device size)

In one of my courses I have a page set up with 2 different options for videos (one mobile and one desktop-hosted in youtube), I’m using logic so the correct video shows for the learner depending on device size.

The issue is the page won’t mark as completed because the learner only ever completes one component, the other remains hidden. I changed the page completion display method so its just based on the final component that everyone views, while this marks the page as 100% viewed it doesn’t allow me to click next and move to the next page. I suspect its something to do with the overall couse settings. Any ideas?


Hi @arnika - are you using the Course Attainment extension to set completion? The quickest way to work around your problem would be to remove the two media components from attainment - and make sure that the final component on the page is included in attainment. This should mean the page gets completed. If that doesn’t work, you can DM a link to your course in evolve and I can take a look.

YouTube detects device type and bitrate, so depending on those constraints, it will stream the video at the best quality it can. Does that not make it redundant to create two components?

thanks Sam, I wasn’t using the attainment extension, have added that in now, but doesn’t appear to fix the issue that the ‘next’ button at the end of the page won’t unlock to move to the next page. I feel like its something to do with the individual page complete settings where the attainment extention seems to be more the overall course.

The course is here and there is a video in the first short section- Evolve Login

I have a wide format for desktop and a square format for mobile, so its fits better on the page- they are very simple videos.

@arnika I have downloaded your course and added to my QA evolve to investigate - I can’t see why the footer navigation isn’t unlocking, but will continue to investigate and update you as soon as I can.

@arnika I can’t understand why it’s not working, and I tried a few variations and still couldn’t get the first article to mark as complete, so I am going to raise a ticket with our support team to get this looked at by Evolve developers. I can’t give you a timescale yet on when it will be investigated, but will keep you updated.
The short term solution would be to just disable the content locking extension.

thanks thats really helpful, we need the content locking in place so the course works correctly so hopefully can find a solution. We have a little bit of time to work it out though before launching.

thanks for your help

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Hi @arnika, happy to say there is an easy way to resolve your issue - here’s what you need to do:
on Page 2 go to Page > Content Locking, and set ‘Unlock page by:’ to the ‘end of text’ component from page 1 - and do the equivalent on Page 3 with the end of text component from page 2.

What this does is ensures that what locks the footer navigation on page 1 is unlocked by a component that every user sees, so the hidden video aspect doesn’t have any impact.

The issue here is that ‘Page completion’ settings in Course Settings > Behavior are really to do with how a page visually completes on the menu progress bars rather than how a page is locked/unlocked/completed. There is work we can do to improve things, but for now this should resolve your issues.

Let me know if you get stuck - cheers-Sam

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