How do I setup Course completion?

By default Evolve will register Completion when all components have been completed.

If you are using your Evolve course with a Learning Management System then it will register the course as complete when all the components have been viewed and/or answered.

Tailoring your completion to listen for specific interactions can be achieved in a number of ways.

At a macro level this can be by using any or all of these in combination:

  • The Course Attainment Extension
  • The Achievements Extension
  • The Course Assessment Extension
  • Links component

Access these by:

  1. Navigating to the course you want to edit.
  2. Select Extensions
  3. Toggle the relevant extension


Using Course Attainment to set completion on a specific component.

  1. Navigate to the course you wish to edit.
  2. On the course, click the Extensions menu


  1. Scroll to the Course Attainment Extension
  2. Click Edit
  3. On the next screen Edit Course Attainment, click Behaviour

  1. Select Component from the Course Attainment Method dropdown

  1. Click Show Components
  2. On the Select Components window enable any component that you wish to be part of course completion/attainment by toggling Set Attainment Component on each.

N.B. By default Evolve will automatically title a component by it’s component type e.g. “Matching Title” for a Matching Component. As components are added it is wise to to set the Component Title to make it easier to identify the components.


Check you have no empty Articles, Blocks or Components. These are known to cause issues with Learning Management Systems. Evolve warns you of any empty items when a course is published.

If you are having issues with completion turning on the Progress Extension can help you to see if items are being marked as complete and therefore identify where a problem originates.

If your course has more than one page then the progress bars on menu items can also be used to track down where an item isn’t completing correctly.

Hi everyone! :wave:

Just having an issue with Completion of pages in one of our courses.

I have turned on the Progress Extension and checked that all the Articles and Components are shown as complete before moving onto the next one.

However, once I’ve completed the six pages, the menu (Topic) that you can navigate to the pages from shows all of them between 83-94% complete.

From the Tip shown in your post, I would just like to clarify what “empty” means when referring to Articles (A), Blocks (B), or Components (C).

Is this specifically referring to the internal Title, Display Title, Body, or something else altogether in the ABCs?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there! :wave:

Being empty means that an article is without a block, a block I without a component or a component has no content. There would be a warning for this at the top of the screen for you. Titles do not contribute to this.

In order to get 100% the learner will have to interact with EVERYTHING within components - so if it’s an accordion, they must open every bar. If it’s a hot graphic they must click every hotspot, etc etc.

Does that help?

Hello hmaffin,

Thanks for getting back to me!

The information about the Articles (A) requiring Blocks (B) and Blocks requiring Components (C) not to be considered “Empty” is very useful.

However, I would like to clarify what you mean when you mention a Component having “no content.”

I think the problematic ABCs are the ones containing an Action Button Component, because my testing before adding those to the page had zero problems with Page Completion.

Are there any known issues with Action Buttons, Hidden Articles, or Articles included in Triggers affecting Page completion?

I’m not aware of any issues - can you post a screenshot of your settings for the action button?

After investigation this afternoon, I have discovered the issue.

The pages in this course each have an Article set to Hidden on the Page Builder:

This is “Unhidden” via certain interactions set up using Variables and Logic.

Regardless, in terms of page completion percentage showing in the menus generated by Evolve (when you nest Pages in Topics, and view the Topic), this usually hidden ABC is also required to be InView or Clicked (depending on how you have set the completion for the Component).

Therefore, one would have to interact with all the normally viewable ABCs, trigger the usually hidden ABC to be viewable, and then navigate back to that page to view/click on the previously hidden ABC to reach 100% completion for that Page.

My next lane of investigation is to find out whether a Hidden ABC can be automatically set to complete, and have that reflected in the menu feedback.