Course Attainment extension - not quite right

Hi all,

I decided to add the ‘Course Attainment’ extension to give me learners and indication of completion. I set it to complete based on components, so far all is good but one thing - for some reason the pop up that shows you have completed everything appears before you completed the last component. It comes up prematurely… this is now happened on two of my modules - any ideas on how to fix?


Hi Isabel,

There could be a number of reasons this is happening - best if we take a look at it. Could you DM me a link to your course and I will have someone look at it?

Hello, unfortunately I can’t share the clients work :frowning: any other way we could look into this?

Hi Isabel,

I’m in the Evolve team so thought I’d be able to help out - but I think the best thing you can do in that case is raise a support ticket with a link to the course.