Moodle settings - anyone share what they use

Hi all
as title says can anyone share how they publish a course to moodle.

Im publishing as scorm 1.2 but having some issue with courses loosing progress on revisit

Would be good to hear from other moodle users and how they publish and use evolve content



Hi James,
have you got the bookmarking extension enabled in Evolve? I’ve been using the default publish settings for SCORM 1.2 with course completion and assessment completion enabled for status reporting.


Yep thanks, i wasn’t sure to set module complete on passed or complete in moodle if you have any hints?

You say with course completition and assessment? my module only has 4 pages no assessment so i publish as * Course Completion: is that right?



See my edit above - I’ve not encountered any problems with this setup - perhaps it’s a snag with your Moodle config?

Yes, if you’ve no assessment

ha ha we are playing message catch up - i think its working ok now but had to fiddle a bit to get it right so curious to see others settings for both evolve and moodle