Moodle, logic and scorm 1.2

Hi. We have an Evolve package which is displayed on a Moodle LMS. It has been published in Scorm 1.2 because Moodle does not support Scorm 2004 but the logic is not working properly. It randomly stops working for some users and we have to delete their attempt on the LMS and make them start the package again. Does anyone know what might be causing this?
Thank you for any help.

Hello there - have you checked the setting for the SCORM Standards mode in Moodle? It needs to be unchecked, so that Standards mode is NOT enforced, otherwise the size of the suspend data is not big enough to cope with Logic (it’s only 64kb by default).


Hi Helen,

Thanks for your suggestion. It took some time to confirm the setting because I do not have admin rights for our whole Moodle site. They have confirmed that the box is unchecked. Is there anything else that you would recommend checking?

For Articulate, there is a debug log which you can enable. Does a similar thing exist for Evolve? Looking at the help articles, it sounds like it does but only if you are using Blooms. Is this the case?

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Hello Melanie,

Well, it was definitely worth checking that that was the case! I have been in the same boat where I was not granted admin rights so had to get central IT to check.

There is a SCORM debug of sorts - you can turn on display SCORM errors when publishing the course. To do this, when publishing, make sure you use ADVANCED publish, not just SCORM, as seen below - it contains all the same SCORM publishing options and more, including Show SCORM errors, which I recommend you turn on. It throws up a message when there is an error only though, it does not constantly monitor.

One last thing to check is what is your time out on Moodle? We have a problem whereby if someone leaves the course open for more than 2 hours, their progress after the two hours is not recorded. The timeout window for Moodle doe show, but only back on the original Moodle tab and not the course one (as we launch in a new tab).

The final issue we always have is because we force opening in a new window, if someone shuts down the original Moodle tab before doing the course, their “link” to Moodle is lost and nothing gets recorded as it is suddenly just a dumb window without a connection.

I hope you can find your answer!


They are really useful suggestions, thank you, Helen.

We definitely do have a time-out on Moodle, and we do open the package in another window, so I can warn our users about both of those things. I will also turn on the Error warning to see what this throws up.

Many thanks!


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