LMS folder NOT in the published SCORM file


I have some issues with the published file. The learners complete the course but are unable to ‘Review’ (go back to it after completion) due to suspended data. In Storyline, I was able to locate LMS folder and change some values. I don’t see the same file in the published SCORM package. What am I missing?


Keeping and restoring the suspend data post-completion is standard behavior for SCORM 1.2.

Some LMSes (e.g. Moodle, Totara) give you an option to start a ‘new session’ when relaunching a course post-completion - but some don’t.

If your LMS supports SCORM 2004 then you can publish to that format as the default behavior in SCORM 2004 is to start a new learning session if the course is relaunched post-completion.

BTW, Evolve doesn’t have an ‘LMS’ folder like Storyline because that’s something unique to Storyline (and other Articulate products).

Thank you for explaining this Matt.

I am working with different clients’ LMSes - even LMS vendor looked at it and confirmed everything is set up correctly in the LMS.

I have published the course differently now, using Advanced settings. I set LMS Exit to AUTO instead of SUSPEND and it helped. I can now Revisit the course.

I also added an Attainment Extension to see if it changes anything. I am still testing and either of the two things (Attainment extension or Publish settings) worked.

Additional question - is there any way to get rid of the “Close” button from the attainment pop-up? The Close Window button exits the SCORM session. If I use the Close (Pop-up) button, it closes the pop-up but unless I have an Exit button in the course, the users can’t exit the SCORM session.
I could add the EXit action button (which closes the SCORM session) but it doesn’t do anything. Any ide why?

Many thanks!

Yes, in the settings for the Course Attainment extension, in the Behavior section, there’s a setting called ‘Hide Notification Popup Dismiss Button’.

If you look at the help text for Action Button > Behavior > Button Action, you’ll see it points out that it’s really only there for when the course can’t be closed by the usual means.

If you look at the Links component you’ll see that has an option to close the course window.

In most cases you don’t need to include an exit button in the course, you can just let the user close the course window/tab themselves.

Thank you for the information, Matt. x