Sending completion on viewing page

Hi all.

I am trying to publish a SCORM object which sends completion on viewing the final page. This object will be distributed to multiple LMS so I am assuming I should avoid using a logic trigger. The setup in the course behavior seems simple enough, but I cannot get the object to report completion to SCORM Cloud. I am clearly missing something.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Hi Mitch, first things to check are (and apologies if this sounds obvious, but it’s easy to overlook)

Is the course attainment extension enabled and configured correctly?

In course settings > behaviour, has the top drop down been set to ‘Course Completion’?

What component(s) do you have to actually trigger completion on that last page?

Hi Sam. Thanks so much for your help again.

What you’ve described is how I managed to get it to work. I’ve obviously misunderstood, but from the tooltips I assumed there was a simpler way to set this up (in course settings > behaviour ).

Great, glad it’s working for you. I will have a look at the tool tips and see if we can make any clearer.

I might be wrong about this but I would have thought a logic trigger would be OK… IIRC it’s only the saving/restoring of Logic ‘variables’ that is likely to cause Evolve to exceed the ‘suspend data’ storage limit of SCORM 1.2

Hi @Matt_Leathes

That was my initial approach but I was concerned about the suspend data.

@Sam_Cook_Evolve_QA Can you confirm if the suspend data could be an issue using the logic trigger?

Matt’s one of our devs so I defer to his knowledge on this.

Thanks - sorry, didn’t realise that.

I try to keep it quiet :wink:

I’ve not actually worked much on the Logic part of the Evolve but given the nature of a trigger (an action that runs in response to an event) I can’t see there’d be any need to store anything in suspend data.

Even if there were, it’s only the one item so wouldn’t take up much space.

I’d say you should be safe to give it a go. If you try it in SCORM Cloud first it will show in the logs if the 4KB suspend data limit gets exceeded.