Completion and Pass/Fail settings to ensure SCORM sends to LMS correctly?

Hi I am wondering if people can help me the following issues we are facing.

We use Oracle as our LMS and we seem to be having issues with specifically ‘assessments’. When setting up assessments in Evolve we are enabling the ‘course assessment’ extension, setting minimum pass criteria in behaviour and updating the settings to reflect course assessment sets to complete. However this is not then transferring over to our LMS to show completions and pass/fail statuses.

Has anyone else had the same issue and what routes did you explore to get to a resolution? If anyone else uses Oracle as their LMS then I would really value some advice on this as well as it seems the functionality is pretty basic.

Have you also changed the behaviour in the course settings to ‘assessment completion’?


Hi yes I am using the ‘assessment completion’ on the behavior along with the course assessment behaviour. We are still experiencing issues with it capturing pass/fail criteria because the master score is not set. I am trying to figure out if this is something we need to set in Evolve or it is connected to an error with our LMS. Has anyone else had to work through mastery score issues?

Hi @WendyWilliams you only need to declare a ‘mastery score’ if you want the LMS to handle setting the pass/fail status for you, which is almost never desirable. In fact in over 20 years of working in e-learning I have never had cause to use this functionality. Not even when working with Oracle LMS!

The typical behaviour is that the course decides when to set a passed/failed status.

I think the first thing to determine is whether Evolve is actually doing that or not. If you launch the course from your LMS then press F12 in the course window to open the developer tools you’ll be able to see the SCORM calls the course is making.

What you’re looking for is something like this:

If you’re seeing that then everything is working on the course side.

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