Evolve configuration and Workday LMS

I am reaching out to see if this community has experience with the configuration of Evolve Course Assessment and Course Attainment extensions so that the published SCORM package correctly writes a complete status to the Workday LMS.
Currently I have got it to work by configuring both these extensions (had to mock up an assessment question) and set the publishing to ‘Course Completion & Assessment Completion’.
This doesn’t seem right and I wonder if there is a better/simpler solution.

Without seeing the course in question it’s difficult to suggest a solution. Have you taken a look at this article? https://appitierre.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011332420-What-are-the-different-ways-to-set-a-status-when-publishing-a-course-

Just wondering if you managed to solve your issue, I’m also having issues with Workday LMS.

Let me know,