Workday Learning LMS

Continuing the discussion from Evolve configuration and Workday LMS:

Hello @AWoolley. Your comment is almost 3 years old and this is a long-shot. I’m trying to reach you to find out if you are still using the Workday LMS to deploy your Evolve SCORM packages. Our company is also using Workday Learning with our Evolve courses; and, we are experiencing some inconsistencies with the courses moving into the Completed status in transcripts. I’m curious if you’ve discovered any best practices over the past 3 years that might help us understand/troubleshoot our issues. For us, the issues are critical and we are desperate to find another company experiencing similar issues with Workday .

Hi Cindy,

We always suggest that you test your courses in SCORMCloud - if they are behaving as expected in there, then you can look to Workday for more help with the issues if the SCORM is working as intended.