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Continuing the discussion from Evolve configuration and Workday LMS:

Hello @AWoolley. Your comment is almost 3 years old and this is a long-shot. I’m trying to reach you to find out if you are still using the Workday LMS to deploy your Evolve SCORM packages. Our company is also using Workday Learning with our Evolve courses; and, we are experiencing some inconsistencies with the courses moving into the Completed status in transcripts. I’m curious if you’ve discovered any best practices over the past 3 years that might help us understand/troubleshoot our issues. For us, the issues are critical and we are desperate to find another company experiencing similar issues with Workday .

Hi Cindy,

We always suggest that you test your courses in SCORMCloud - if they are behaving as expected in there, then you can look to Workday for more help with the issues if the SCORM is working as intended.


Hi Cindy. We are experiencing an issue where courses randomly will not record completion for learners. We have worked with Workday on this issue and still have not found a resolution. Would you be willing to connect?

Thank you!

Hi, we had a similar issue. Our client had a fairly restrictive IT policy for “disconnect when idle” I think it was set to 30 mins. The course registers an activity when opened but nothing else until closed (I may be wrong in making that statement). If the learner had the course open for more than 30 mins then the VPN would disconnect and, although the user could complete at their end, no message would pass to the LMS.

Hi Andy - exactly the same thing applied in Moodle for me in a past role - even though it was 2 hours, people would open the course, and either close the LMS window which severed the connection, or would leave the course window open for a few hours before they started doing the training, which meant that nothing got passed to the LMS. THey finish the course but with no idea that the course wasn’t passing their data. Even with SCORM Errors turned on, they didn’t understand the error and would ignore it. We were’nt allowed to change the language to say “your course is no longer connected” etc.

I was so annoying having people get their certificate at the end, send it to us and say look I did the course but it’s not saying I did.

Hi @Jami! It’s your teammate, Cindy. LOL!
I think Andy and Helen have provided a possible key to the issues we’ve been having here!
How should we proceed?

Thank you, Andy & Helen!!!