SCORM completion being reset

I have a client with a bespoke LMS where the course SCORM completion is being reset to incomplete on subsequent visits after the course is completed.

The course works as expected on SCORM cloud.

When this has happened in the past for other clients we tend to work with their LMS team to try and work out what is wrong, but has anyone got any advice on what to do in this situation?

Has anyone ever made an amendment to the scorm extension javascript where the completion status can never be reset?

Thank you in advance.

In my experience, this is generally a function of the LMS. If a course is set to report complete/incomplete, the status shouldn’t change with subsequent attempts. If you have an assessment, however, or the course status is pass/fail or if there’s a mastery score, most LMS’s will change when the subsequent attempt is higher, but not lower. For example, if I pass with an 80%, then revisit and score 90%, the LMS should report both attempts, but show the 90% because the second attempt is greater. Generally, this is something that should be resolved at the LMS level. SCORM Cloud should show you the completion status being passed and whether there’s a mastery score. You may also want to explore SCORM 1.2 vs 2004 to see how the LMS treats the completion status.

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Hi Martin, I appreciate your response. It’s good to hear as it backs up my understanding of what should happen.

What also backs me up is the courses work for all other countries, and it’s just one particular LMS that proving difficult.

We’re currently using SCORM 1.2 and I intend to suggest both SCORM 2004 3rd and 4 editions, to see if either will fix the issue.

Cheers :slight_smile:

This sounds oddly familiar from my previous life in learning content…! I obviously won’t mention the client by name but the region with the LMS that always seemed to require ‘special handling’ was Italy IIRC?

One thing that might help you is that the Evolve SCORM extension does log pretty much everything it does to the console so it could be worth running the course with the developer tools open so that you can see everything the SCORM extension is doing, including being able to see what value for ‘completion status’ the course gets back from the LMS when the course starts up… it would look something like this:

One other thing you might try is: in the SCORM ‘advanced’ publish settings, try changing CMI Exit Value to ‘suspend’.

Other than that I’m not sure what to suggest really, whenever I’ve had to deal with a problem like this it’s generally been when developing courses using an open source e-learning framework - so I was able to modify the code as much as was necessary to deal with situations like this…

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@Martin just to mention that Evolve doesn’t set a ‘mastery score’. In some twenty years of programming e-learning/SCORM I’ve never found that useful - I prefer to be in control of setting the completion status!

Matt – understood, but the manifest still contains the element and someone could potentially exploit this if appropriate for a certain LMS. I agree, though – more of a SCORM 2004 thing and seldom of any value.

<organizations default="evolve_63c6b03fdfcdd4074c8572e3_scorm">
        <organization identifier="evolve_63c6b03fdfcdd4074c8572e3_scorm">
            <title><![CDATA[Introduction to PAM]]></title>
            <item identifier="item_1" isvisible="true" identifierref="res1">
                <title><![CDATA[Introduction to PAM]]></title>
                 <!-- <adlcp:masteryscore>70</adlcp:masteryscore> -->