SCORM sending wrong pass/fail status for Branching assessment

Hello all,

I’m seeing some very strange behaviour in the Branching component when I try to use it as a course assessment. Can anyone explain the following?

I set up a super-simple branching exercise like this:
Screenshot 2023-09-20 170720

The ‘Option 2 is wrong’ option has a score of 0, and the “Wrong” item has “Is Correct Item?” turned off.

Next, I enabled the Assessment for this component so that the score and pass/fail status of this activity would be sent out by the SCORM:

Screenshot 2023-09-20 170641

You can see that a pass should only be achieved if the score exceeds 60%.

Then I published as SCORM 1.2 and uploaded the file to SCORM Cloud for testing. This screen shows my choices as I completed the branching activity:

Note my score is 0%, and the cross indicating that I got it wrong.

SCORM Cloud reports the results as follows:

The score is correct, but how has is concluded that this is “Passed”? Seems bizarre.

I tested this in my LMS as well, same result. The SCORM is sending out the wrong success status.

Grateful if anyone can shed any light on this!



Hey Steve!

What is your setting for Course Completion status in the Course settings?


Aha - it is set to Course Completion. So presumably I should set this to Assessment Completion instead?

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OK it works with Course Completion set to Assessment Completion :smile:

Thanks very much Helen!

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You got it! Glad to hear it’s working now.