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HI All,

I’m having some issues with successfully setting up a branching scenario to export the information I want it to export to the LMS correctly. LMS is not Bloom.

I can get the scores to track and pass/fail which is great.

However, I want the course to be able to track the ‘number of attempts’ it takes for a user to complete.

If they complete the branching scenario within the course, and fail, and then take several attempts without closing the course for example, it only reports to the LMS as one attempt.

However, if they complete the branching scenario, fail, then close the course and then go back into it, the no. of attempts is tracked correctly.

Anyone have any ideas for how I can make the branching scenario track the number of attempts a user takes without having to exit the course and re-enter the course?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Tim,

In Evolve there is nothing that affects SCORM attempts in an LMS within the course other than until your chosen course completion method/indicator have been matched and then it is reported to the LMS as 1 completed attempt.

After a successful recording of an attempt on the next launch of the course the LMS will then start a new attempt. If a user leaves the course without achieving the completion status, then the LMS will still continue with this as the same attempt next time it is launched.

You might want to check which component/pages/method you have chosen for course completion, and your SCORM publishing settings (follow the link to Course status settings which lies in Course Settings > Behaviour > Course Status) to make sure you have selected the settings that you need.

For more on course completion see

I hope that helps.

Thanks Helen,

Appreciate your response. I’ll investigate and retry changing some settings in my course.

All the best

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