So excited about release 7!

Clearly the team have beavering away on this and I cannot wait to try out Logic!! Going to improve our course options massively!


Am pretty excited about it too :slight_smile:

OK I’m less excited now I know that it needs Moodle to have the standards disabled to allow extra suspend data to be stored, but of course the setting in our institution is set to enabled, and they won’t change it without good reason. Hoping I can get away with it but I doubt it.

@hbailey Unfortunately a larger suspend data size is needed to be able to store all the data required for Logic to work correctly across multiple sessions.

As you may know there is a tiny 4kb limit for Scorm 1.2. This might work for very small courses with a small number of variables. Scorm 2004 has a 64kb limit which is a lot better and should be enough for an average sized course.

There is also the option of using the Local Storage extension as well since that now also has the ability to save and retrieve any Logic data. Of course this works best when the course is only going to be viewed on one device.

There is actually a way to tell how much suspend data your course is using by opening the developer tools (in the window of the course that has been launched from the LMS) in Chrome. Once the tools are open, go to the Console tab. Complete a component and you’ll see a console log telling you the suspend data size.


That’s brilliant advice @SalAli thank you so so much!!!

You’ll be pleased to know we’ve done some work on improving support for Scorm when using Logic!

We figured out a way to reduce the size of the suspend data so that means you can create much bigger courses for Scorm 1.2 without having to disable standards mode in Moodle. (Will still need to use the advanced tracking toggle).

From our testing with an example course with 100+ components the results were:

Before: 25000 bytes
After: 500 bytes (Scorm 1.2 limit is 4000 bytes)

As you can see it’s a pretty big reduction in size! These improvements should be available now with v7.0.5.

There is one caveat, try to limit the amount of text that can be stored to a variable, there’s not much we can do if someone enters a huge amount of text. We’ll be adding the ability to limit characters in the new Text Area component to help with this.

@SalAli that is absolutely incredible! I can’t wait to have a play now!

Now my only real big request left (and it’s also to do with SCORM) is to have the question answers stored using SCORM data so we can see what people have been putting as answers to our questions.

Here’s an example from an Adapt course I made and put on our Moodle LMS…

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