Moodle platform: course load takes too long

Hi, I have my systems team colleagues testing the published SCORM file to our Moodle server but it is taking forever to load. Happens on large courses an one page, one component courses. I gave up after 8 minutes.

Any ideas?

Hi Tracy, if the course has successfully uploaded to the LMS, that sounds like an issue on the LMS side rather than Evolve.

Thanks for your reply Sam.
We’ve got a platform that supports 100s of SCORMs exported from various authoring tools - This is the only one with loading issues. We’re trialling and testing Evolve against Articulate Rise exports at the moment. Rise courses appear with out issues within seconds. Evolve is taking up to 10 minutes on the first open. Once cached no problems… cant work out what the differences are in exported file process.

We’ve now tested the Evolve course scorm on another LMS, and also tried to use as an offline website directly onto my desktop. It is taking forever to open… if at all… We are having no other issues from other authoring tools.

We’ve tied different formats for scorm and also xAPI

Has anyone had any similar issues??

Could you link me to the course Tracy? I can take a look and try and figure out what’s going on. You can DM me the link. Obviously, we have thousands of customers publishing courses every day for all kinds of LMSs and we don’t have other reports of that issue.

also if you could let me know what browser/operating system you are using, eg Chrome on Windows 10 etc