Publishing to LMS without SCORM

How have others managed to upload your Evolve content to LMSes that do not support SCORM? I work for a fairly small company so we’ve been using LMSes like Teachable and Thinkific. I really love Evolve and am hoping I can make the courses work on these types of LMSes. Any advice?

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Hello Radha,

Welcome and it’s so great to hear that you really love Evolve! We do too!

My first thought when reading your question was that maybe you could host your course elsewhere, perhaps on SCORMCloud or on some webspace, then simply link to it. If you don’t need to track data out of the course then you can publish for offline also.

This article I found has 3 options - maybe one of these would work for you?

Let us know!

Hi Radha - I work with quite a few clients who use Thinkific to host Evolve contnt. If you publish to web from Evolve, you can upload the Zip file as a multimedia file in Thinkific. We find it works best if you stick to single page content and then use the Thinkific navigation to move between content. It seems to work really well.

I think you need to be on a Pro account to upload multimedia files in Thinkific. I don’t think you can do this in Teachable, but it’s been a few years since I tried so that may have changed. The alternative is to host the Evolve content on a server somewhere else and pull it through to Teachable etc via a link, but this isn’t ideal from a user experience perspective.


That’s really useful advice @Sam_Burrough thanks for that - I hope that Thinkific Pro is an option as yes like you say it would be nice for @Radha_Prabakaran to keep everything inline!

If it turns out you really do need some form of tracking there’s always the Local Storage extension… as it is a ‘beta’ feature and stores tracking data in the learner’s browser (as opposed to the server) it’s probably something you should only use if you really have to - and you should make sure to warn the learner that it’ll only work if they use the same browser/device.

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Wow, thank you so much for sharing this article! I think as we grow our online course and blended course offerings, this article will be very helpful.

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You have saved my week!!! Thank you so much for this advice-- we just upgraded to a Pro account to make use of the Groups function, so knowing that I can just upload the Zip file as a multimedia file makes my life so much easier. Thank you so much, Sam!!!


Thanks for this @Sam_Burrough ,
Looking at Thinkific and Teachable currently and trying to figure out the limitations/options available.

No worries - things have moved on a little since this thread. Thinkific is still a good option, but I would recommend looking at Learnworlds, it does everything that Thinkific and teachable do, but it has a better content builder and… it actually has SCORM tracking now! Pretty crazy when you look at the price of comparable LMS’s in the market. I wrote a fairly long post comparing Thinkific and Learnworlds a few months back

I compared what’s out there and Learnworlds looks great, just expensive for a person on a short-term budget of zero. One day maybe!

Fair enough - definitely not that cheap if you’re paying the bills, but great for clients on a budget.