Publishing a course and the options

Follow these steps to publish a course:

  1. On the course you wish to publish click Publish.


The Publish screen presents you with pre-configured publish options. These are:

  1. LMS - select the SCORM version (1.2 or 2004) ) & select your completion criteria
  2. Web - for publishing courses that will be served from a web server.
  3. Bloom - for upload to our Learning Management System Bloom
  4. Offline - learners can open the course on a computer without internet access.
  5. Advanced - More advanced users are able to setup their export preferences.

These cover the major configurations for Evolve courses.

Is there a list of requirements for the HTML5 hosting? When my team tried to host it on our website, they said there were a number of libraries needed.

Hello @michael.helms - this is difficult to comment on without knowing anything about your server or the libraries that your host needed. Normally with Evolve set to Publish for Web you don’t need any special server config.

For more information please see this article:

If you continue to experience issues please contact support via your Evolve instance with details of your server, any error messages, steps taken and any supporting screenshots.



I would like to publish my course for testing. Is it possible to get a URL to share with people to test the course? If not, what would be the best way to do this please?


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Hi Claire,

There are a few ways you can do this, which are:

  1. Add them as a reviewer (free account) and set up a review for them to view. This way they can view the course and make comments on specific items.

  2. Make your course shareable and then copy the Live Preview URL and send them this. They will be able to view the course but not make comments onto it.

  3. Publish your course offline or as SCORM and upload it to the LMS/server of your choice and then share the link for that to them. This is the slowest method, and again they can view but not comment directly into the course. However it does help you test the connection to an LMS/server at the same time as them viewing the course.

More advice on these can be found in the Tips and Tricks document available from the Evolve Hub, and on the associated knowledge base page.

I’m having an issue along these lines…when I select ‘publish’ as SCORM isn’t it supposed to download a Scorm package to my computer so I can upload to my LMS? If I hit publish for the web, isn’t it supposed to then provide me with a weblink? I’ve tried both these options and have not found where either the scorm zip is located (it did not download to my computer) nor did a weblink appear.
Please help! I must be missing something simple? Thanks.

Hi Melissa,

First can I check what browser you are using? Chrome is recommended.

Secondly, yes you are right when you publish for SCORM you should receive a zip file download. Please check you have no blockers for files or pop-ups on your browser too.

Publish for web works differently to what you are thinking. You receive a zip file download still with this method, but you can then unzip this and use the files to upload it yourself to a web server or webspace of your choice. It does not get published to a URL that you can then use.

I made this animation of what to expect when you Publish to SCORM.

You will see the file appears in the very bottom left hand corner for me - that is Chrome downloading the finished Zip File after it says “done”


I hope that helps.

Hi Helen,
Thank you very much for that explanation. I struggled to find this info elsewhere, so I really appreciate your response.

In this case- it was a pop up blocker issue!