URL publish option

I would like to see an option to publish a course via a weblink.

Hi Melissa, how do you mean exactly? Do you mean publish a version that is suitable for being hosted on a website?

Hi, Sam. I mean an option to publish to a weblink. So that we can share access to the course via simple weblink, direct from Evolve.

I know we can download the zip to upload to a webpage, but sometimes our clients don’t want/have the capacity to host it and just want the course via a link.

I have worked with Elucidat before and they have this option- it was so handy to share the courses quickly - especially when collecting each employee’s data wasn’t super important.

Ah, I get you. I’m afraid we don’t have that option currently.

Could you share the course preview link? I presume for bandwidth on Evolve’s side this would only be an option for a small audience though.

Interesting idea, I’ll give it a try! Thanks @gbetts