Publishing for the Web

I have been using Evolve for some time now uploading courses to my LMS system which always works fine.
I would like to add a course to a website so have published as a web file rather than Scorm and it doesn’t do anything. Is there a guide for adding courses published at web files to a website? I can’t find anything in the help sections.

Hi David, could we get a bit more info on what didn’t work?

Couple of things that might be the issue:

  • If you try and open a web published evolve course locally, it wont work.
  • One more commonly encountered issue is the web server not having support for json files - which seems to be particularly common for Microsoft IIS/SharePoint servers.


Adding to a website is a little vague. Do you want to display the course in an iframe on a webpage? Or run the course as if it were an independent site page? Either way, the process begins with uploading the unzipped folder to a server like AWS, Bluehost, etc. Then you call it into your website from that location. Here’s an example of how we did it:
Each landing page button opens a new tab that contains the Evolve course.

Thank you both for your response.
Apologies for not being clear it’s not my world. It was to try and display as an iframe on a ‘google sites’ training community page. Essentially I wanted to know if it was possible to use something like a slider or flip cards as an introduction/engagement on the site.
Many thanks, David